Get value CIP MSG to Hart Sensor (1756-IF8H to LR560 siemens)

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Hello everyone! I try get a value of confidence data of sensor LR560 by Hart (Command #206) , but i dunno how send a command to HART way CIP Message. 

I tried with " CIP Services to Pass-through a HART Message to the HART Field Device" but don't work. 


CPU: 1756-L63

RSlogix 5000, v 20.

Hart Input: 1756-IF8H

Level Sensor, Sitrans LR560

Best regards.

LR560 cmd 206.png

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You have a ControlLogix PLC rack with a Hart input module; you desire to message the Hart input module data to a 3rd party controller via CIP Message.  When you say it doesn't work, can you be expand or provide a screenshot?  I believe you have to MSG the Hart input module to load up the data, then would have another MSG instruction to transmit the data to the 3rd party controller.

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