NT20S-ST121-EV3 System display program rollback

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I'm not sure if I should make some presentation first but as time is always short i'll just expose the doubt.
Unfortunately because of a technician misunderstanding I ended resetting/erasing the PT software after a full memory error.
The SW2 switch 1 was used and the system screen data program was erased instead of the program client data.
So all the screens menus buttons etc were lost.
Unfortunately there was no copy of the application but a similar machine was found were a different screen (NT21-ST121-E) was installed and by luck the programmer technician used the same file from the machine I'm dealing with.
I suppose he might have done some modifications to make that machine able to deal with the same and different objects too. But the base menu screens seem exactly the same.
In fact the screen buttons appear to be miss aligned as for a smaller screen, so for sure He used the same application.

Now the problem is that the NT- Series Support Tool 4.82 only allow auto-conversion of the applications to a recent model.
Example, if a make a NT20S application and change the PT type to NT21 it asks for conversion confirmation and all goes ok. (It will need to set Clock Address that I don't know which to chose). But this Is not what is the problem.
Problem is that after uploading the application from the NT21 of the other machine to the NT Tool, I can't just download it to the NT20S PT.
And if I go to the PT configuration menu it will only allow me to chose another higher model of hardware. Earlier hardware models won't even show in the list.

Is there any tool I can use to convert back the NT21 application to the NT20S?


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