FX5u to FX5u Ethernet inter-connection (For data transition). (PLC to PLC communication)

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Good day 

I require some assistance with the configuration setup (GX Works 3) for FX5u PLC inter-communication (PLC to PLC), over Ethernet (using the built-in Ethernet port). The purpose of the inter-connection is data exchange. (Values stored within the PLC storage registers such as words and bits). 

Does anyone perhaps support files on this such as a procedure or example?


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Hello. For communication FX5u to FX5u you can read this Post, where i had attached library for FX5's socket connection.Program example and instruction of configuring  you can download from mymitsubishi. Write in search - LQnUDEEthernet_GW2_V200 and download this example with CHM help file. 

Second way use SLMP connection , but you need firmware of PLC 1.040 and above and GXW3 1.030 and above.  Use  SP.SLMPSND instruction or manufactured fb (M+FX5UCPU-EN_SLMP_DeviceRead_IP ) and (M+FX5UCPU-EN_SLMP_DeviceWrite_IP). Configuring for this connection similar like for MC protocol (example you can find in library for LQ).


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