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Selling the drives below. Rapid company expansion came to a halt and our vendor is not offering what we need for reimbursement.

Prices shown are already wholesale rated, however, I'm open to negotiating.

Numbers spaced between the model number and unit price are quantities that are being sold.

Serial numbers can be provided to verify age, but these are all brand new-old stock.

EMERSON M200-05400270A10101AB100 2    $      715.00
EMERSON M200-04400135A10101AB100 34    $      489.00
EMERSON M200-03400056A10101AB100 15    $      363.00
EMERSON M200-02400041A10101AB100 1    $      400.00
EMERSON M200-02400032A10101AB100 5    $      258.00
EMERSON M200-02400023A10101AB100 4    $      228.00
EMERSON M200-03400094A10101AB100 29    $      402.00
EMERSON M200-06400420A10101AB100 3    $  1,245.00
EMERSON M200-04400170A10101AB100 2    $      543.00


Inquiries can be emailed to me directly at: ryan.jorgensen@wiserg.com

I'll do my best to answer any questions and have engineers on-hand to lean on for anything over my head.

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