S7 317-2DP Softplc Sinumerik commumications

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Alight first off, I'm NOT a siemens guy, Second thanks in advance for any and all advice.

So i'm working on a large data collections project, been now handed part of this project that is completely out of my depth but this is what i have found.

I trying to retrieve data from a large cnc machining center, it has a Sinumerik control on it. Kepware nor Prosoft PLX32-EIP-SIE are able to communicate with the controller. Comms are rejected by the server. Its and industrial PC.

So i was able to get into the back end of the controller and do some poking around and it appears as if the problem in simply that a Industrial Ethernet Driver has not been configured.

And i've found the following documents to support my theory.

I did figure out how to add the ethernet driver,in simatic manager however at this point what needs done? Do you have to download to the controller? I'm a little leery of making any changed just because i have backed anything up and saved it first, i don't know how. I just don't want to mess anything up. It let me add it but im treading lightly here, i'm not going to save anything to someone confirms my process.

Anyway does anyone have any thoughts or input?

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the other part i found out is this is the sinumerik 240D not the 240Di so the PLC is deffinetly in the rack with the servo amplifiers and not in the PCU-50

So I've been doing some research and this is what i has determinted... if i use an s7-300 with a cp343 and have a siemens guy add this node to the profibus network that i can exchange data this way using a  Computer with an OPC server such a kepware to poll data.


I have also found devices that i can connect to the MPI port, and would allow connection of a Computer with an OPC server such a kepware to poll data.


does anybody make a gateway that would allow me to talk ethernet/IP on one side and MPI on the other so i can pull data out of this thing with out finding a siemens guy to come in and modify the profibus network??


I know of serveral devices that will do just this on the PROFIBUS DP network, trying not to have to suliciatae any more people on this project

surly on of you siemens people can give me some insight please???

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