L64- redundant processor goes to DISQ

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L64 - redundant processor go to DISQ

I have following issue if someone can help me with:-
- have Redundant PLC with L64 controller
- making any bulk edit online in primary controller (say add or delete 50 rungs), secondary controller goes to “disqualification” mode. It comes up when you power recycle the secondary controller and after all program sync happens with primary controller. Alternatively, it does not happen when they are adding/deleting one or two rungs. 

- Initially, it was all working fine with bulk edit too but this problem came lately. 
- It looks like to me, RM module throw the sync error even before completing the transfer of data from Primary to secondary. I was thinking, if there is some configuration related to RM or CPU where fault can be delay little bit until memory sync happens.

Please help if someone came across similar problem/ issue? I can provide more information if required.

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