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Edesigner project to Beijer HMI?

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i have an E-designer project which i would like up upload to the equivalent beijer HMI.

the beijer screen is an Exter T150


has anyone tried this? will it work?

i dont really want to purchase the information designer software as we only have 1 beijer screen in the factory and it is on an oldish bit of kit. alternatively, replacing it with an E series isn't cost effective.


any advice would be appreciated.

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You need Information Designer. E-Designer is actually identical and the conversion is trivial but E-Designer will not download to an Exter.


Many send the project to Beijer for conversion but actually just open the E-Designer .mpa project file and the Information Designer .cpa project file and copy the differences from the first 6 lines or so then rename the .mpa file to cpa file. We use Beijer a lot so I have actually written an app that converts between the formats. Let me know if you want me to send it to you. Check you your email for details.

Alternatively send me your project and I will convert it to Information Designer and export it to a .Dat file for you. You can then put the Dat file on a usb stick (or CF card) and plugging it into the HMI it will automatically load the project.




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i had a play around with it and managed to work out how to convert between the 2. like you said, its just the first bit of the first line once you open it as a text file ;)
we had the original file and the information designer demo would open it and allow changes, but could send any changes :(

my only gripe was that i didnt want to pay for a piece of software for a single screen that is on an ageing bit of plant.
we have e-designer and was hoping i could convert, make the change and then upload via e-designer, but alas!

thanks for the mail message. will see how i get on :)



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