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Hi all, 


Its the first time in this forum and need help about slc05/05 processor and modbus RS485.

We need to link one slc05/05 with 5 power analysers and 3 vfd all with rs485 modbus rtu ports, as i now the slc05/05 have RS232 that suports Modbus, can we put an converter RS232 to RS485 and put slc05/05 to read write the power analyser's and vfd's.

There are any sample / step by step tuturial with modbus and slc05/05 ?


Best regards,

Jorge Cruz


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If you don't get full step-by-step information I can at least provide some information.

We used the Allen Bradley 1761-NET-AIC as the RS232 to RS485 conversion. There are probably cheaper units but if you want to stay with Allen Bradley ...

We used this with a Micrologix1500 but with the same type of port as on the SLC5/05. We interfaced with Powerflex drives using Modbus messages. So it's not exactly the same type of units but (again if no one has exact specific directions) it can at least help. 


Just ask if you want to continue this.

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There is no support in the MSG function but I've heard there's a way to used the ascii functions to perform modbus communications.

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