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New here and first post because i'm not sure where to go but, i'm looking for someone that I can talk
with that is familiar with pulling an IP cctv camera video up with Wonderware's Intouch HMI based off of a door trigger.
The catch would be that I need to do this with an IP camera that does not support ActiveX but does support RTSP.

any help or direction would be great.  The application is for a large county jail.

Thank you and have a great day!


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1. Install the VLC player ( on the InTouch HMI machine.

2. Add the VLC ActiveX control to your InTouch application.


3. Find the RTSP port number and protocol for the camera. This will be needed for the RTSP URL you'll configure in the VLC ActiveX control on your InTouch window. (e.g. port 8557, using H.264). The RTSP URL for the camera would then be something like rtsp://<ip address>:8557/h264.

4. In InTouch, add the VLC ActiveX control to your window. Then, either configure a message tag and set the value of the tag to the RTSP URL, or set the ActiveX control's BaseURL parameter directly by referencing the control name and parameter name in the InTouch window's On Show script.

2016-04-19_22-21-48.png  2016-04-19_22-25-00.png

5. Assuming the door trigger is wired up to a PLC or some device InTouch can communicate with, create a condition script that monitors the door trigger tag and opens the window containing the VLC ActiveX control you just configured. In my screenshots, my VLC window's name is "_junk".


I don't have an RTSP camera feed to test this out with, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. I'd love to hear how it works out.



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There are many security camera's companies in the market which provide quality services with good customer support. If you are living in Orlando, you can consult with Wetter Solutions. I am also using their services and happy with their services.

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