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Operator Taught Sequence - Controlling Cylinders

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The following is a post that was recently done. I thought that I would share...

We will program a sequencer controlling seven cylinders that can be taught. The cylinders can be operator programmed from the AdvancedHMI screen. You will be able to select what cylinders to activate at each step and program in 500 steps. Our PLC will be the Do-More from Automation Direct.

We will be using AdvancedHMI to communicate Modbus TCP to the Automation Direct Do-More Designer Software Simulator. 
The following is the sequence of operation:
Watch on YouTube:

The following is the explaination of the code:
Watch on YouTube:

To see the set by set development and the code visit our website.

Let me know what you think.
Thank you,


Cylinder Teach HMI 130-min.png

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