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ABB 07 KR 91 program transfer.

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Hello everybody, So here is the following problem which is trying to annoy me. First of, the soft/hardware configuration: Software - 907 pc 331 (os: w xp) Hardware - 07 kr 91 CPU, 07SK90 Cable, 07sk91 Cable, ICSF08D1 High speed counter So i've some how managed to clear a good running program of the CPU, without a backup on floppy (a bit stupid). Now i'm trying to reprogram the CPU, transferring isn't a problem but when i try to start the CPU it won't go in ''running'' mode. Is there some kind of start bit/word I have to call? All i did is make a program in FBD. Next problem is how to program a ICSF08D1 High speed counter in FBD. Thanks in advanced, Edited by Young_Engineer

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