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ABB Ac 800M / ControlBuilder help needs

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Hi everyone. New on this forum, and my first post is comminge here: I have CB (ControlBuilder) 5.1.0 on my computer. Org. project called VVKBO is coming from CB 5.0.1 When I try to open project, CB want to upgrade it to 5.1.0. since thats version of CB I have on my computer. ( If I choose NOT vhen CB want to uppgrade proj - then it´s shut down. So I MUST do it!?!) During upgrade, CB says that its missing "BasicHwLib5.0-2" , "P2KVVCI854HwLib1 1.0-0" and "VVKBOCI854HwLib1 1.0-0" And project doesn’t opening after that Can I get those files/library somehow, or do it some other way, so I can open project in my CB??? (Original project VVKB i copy from C:\ABB Industrial IT Data\Engineer IT Data\Compact Control Builder AC 800M\Projects - I copy ALL files I found under project VVKB. I guess I got everything doing like that? Or was it wrong way to do it?)

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