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newbie guy

1732e Amor Block (How do I reconnect quickly)

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Greetings. I read the pdf from AB. Looks like I need to write a "1" to Bit 2 via a SSV command to inhibit the module, which returns a filtered value of "24576". I disconnect from the block with a robot. When I reconnect, I write a "0" to the bit and get a filtered value of "16384". On some robots, this works, on others it does not. And to add to the mystery, on the robots this does work, when i inhibit the module a second time, it no longer returns "24576" but stays "16384". When this works, the reconnect time is about 1-5 seconds. When it doesn't work, the reconnect time is upwards of about 20 seconds. Anyone have any experience with this and can lend some help? I attached a reference pdf, starting page 25... Edited by newbie guy

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