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  1. A new development is proposed - a Server-client for remote control of controllers OMRON (CS1,CJ1,CJ2,. CPL,. NJ...) - Sasha_Server_Dz.exe and Sasha_Client_Dz.exe. The app is designed for the following technologies: - IoT; - Remote control; - Remote diagnostics. - Start-up and adjustment works on the object, when the Adjuster   must be away from the control cabinets of the object; - Issuing technological tasks to different objects (PLC) from the same technological center; - Generating relevant information about the object for   service personnel and company management. The server is implemented on a Central computer that can communicate with client-computers either via a local network or via WI-FI. Client-computers exchange information with the PLC via the following interfaces: - USB; - Ethernet/IP; - Ethernet; - RS232/485; Client-computers also provide information exchange with Android smartphones via the Internet(MQTT) from any point where an Internet connection is made, while client-computers can work both independently (without connecting to the Central server) and together with the Central server. You can connect up to 128 clients to a single server. For a description of an Android program for exchanging information between a client and an Android smartphone, see The development of this software is based on the use of program functions and packages CXServer (OMRON). in the basic version of this program, the Central server, client-computers and Android smartphones can read and write words and bits of the entire PLC memory. In the extended version of the program, you can  implement the following modes:: - Quick adjustment of the value of the variable – word memory   controller, in real time; - Quick adjustment of the variable value-memory bit   controller, in real time; - Installing and working with controller bit objects   (installation is performed once when you first log in to   The program and further may not change); - Work with word bits - read / write graphic   displaying word bits-similar to the SwitchBox program   (OMRON), in real time; - Display of variables accepted in the loop in a separate   Memo in real time, with the ability to record   content of Memo in the file and fetching the contents of a file in   Memo. - Display of 6 variables on the indicator Board with   the ability to generate color signals if the values    variables go beyond the required limits in real time   time scale; - Generating waveforms of 6 variables in real time   time scale. Period time =0.5...1 sec; - Formation of static graphs of 6 variables in   real-time . Period time =0.5...1 sec.   Recording time-up to 4 hours. Obviously, the specified program can be expanded and changed to meet the specific requirements of a particular Customer. If you are interested in using or upgrading the program, you can contact its author, Alexander Ryss, Dr.-eng., by E-mail :  
  2. Omron_control

    Version 1.0.0


    New app developed - Omron_control for connection Android smartphone and OMRON controllers.
  3. View File Omron_control New app developed - Omron_control for connection Android smartphone and OMRON controllers. Submitter sasha Submitted 08/17/19 Category Utilities
  4. OMRON_Universal_communication.   Developed new application OMRON_Universal_communication.   1. Program OMRON_Universal_communication ( hereinafter OMRON_Universal ) designed to exchange information between your Android smartphone and controllers of the family OMRON(CS1,CJ1,CJ2,NJ,…).Communication is done via computer , which is software control server.   The communication between PC and controller is carried out via Ethernet or Ethernet/IP ( may be  interface Modbus/TCP, RS232,...). The communication between the smartphone and the PC via a Bluetooth,  Wi-Fi, WWW (MQTT broker) - user selectable.   The app is designed for technologies : - IoT - Remote control, - Remote diagnostics.   The smartphone has the following main functions : password to access the information exchange; - modes of writing or reading the memory controllers; - cyclic reading of the memory areas; - display the variables in the form of indicators values in   real time; - display the variables in the form of a  oscillograms  in real   time ; - the formation of Alarms in the event of a controller failure is implemented for a specific task of the controller; etc.   Also implemented additional functionality for the exchange of information between smartphone and PC: - read the contents of the directory computer; - reading contents of a text file; - send pictures, images or photos from the smartphone  to   computer; - send pictures from your computer to your smartphone; - obtaining single  image of the WEB camera of the computer   and sending images to  smartphone; - a continuous sequence of  images WEB   Camera PC via timer and send images to smartphone;    The program OMRON_Universal consists of 2 parts: - OMRON_Universal.apk - is implemented on the smartphone; - Omron_universal_server.exe - implemented on a computer; Also for the exchange of information between the computer and the controller used Ethernets.DLL with the help of which the application Omron_universal_server.exe implemented features Ethernet ports and functions of the information exchange with the controller via the FINS Protocol. This DLL also contains functions to work directly with the controller full-line FINS, as well as sharing information with the Trajexia controller.   2. The applications were tested on computers running the operating systems Windows XP and Windows 7 and smartphones Samsung, Phillips under the operating system Android 5.0, Android 6.0;   OMRON_Universal has the full manual in Russian and  English languages. Address a full description of the application -   The specified application is fully developed in the language Delphi XE10 Berlin (the latest version of  Delphi). In this application, used components developed by TMSSoftware  firm. The specified application (in a simpler form) has been tested at facilities in India and in Ukraine – on pipe rolling mills.   3. This app is a paid app. Application cost 100 $ USA. After the purchase request applications to be sent to the address –   Customer is given an invoice for payment. After the transfer of money to the account of the Developer , the Buyer will be sent all work programs. The developer can also provide the buyer with the complete codes of  the developed programs. Cost of program codes equivalent to the work of  high-class programmer for 3 months  and  can be discussed.   Enjoy. Dr.-eng. Alexander Ryss. Moscow.2017. E-mail
  5. Hey all, I've been trying to figure out a way to bridge the gap between my smartphone and my PLC. Both are capable of such amazing things and I want to bring them together. I know other's are already doing this, but I'm wondering if there is a way that i can do this without purchasing their products and using what I already have. What I have: Micrologix1000 PLC and a MicroLogix1100 PLC, a laptop, a Samsung Galaxy S5 Objective: To be able to control outputs in my home using my phone. I know there has to be a way. I want to be able to control lights in my home using my phone. Wire an extension cord to the output of my PLC, have that plug into a lamp, keep the switch on the lamp turned on all of the time, only turn on that output when I want to. Obviously I could control that output in a number of ways. If I had an HMI, at a certain time of the day have the lights turn on or off, ect. But I want to bridge that gap and use my mobile phone as the input/hmi that controls the output of that lamp. Is there an easy/way of doing this without buying an expensive 'Hue' lighting system? I've got to think so. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I see that Siemens and a few other PLCs have mobile applications, but I see nothing for Android. Just want to get all of your opinion. Thanks Howard