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  1. Consule timeout connection servo driver

    Hello everyone, Can you help me to solve of my problem? I have one type of servo driver Matsutame ALX series. Driver is using controller of MITSUBISHI. I need to change data point using my console, but when i try to connect to the driver, console always display message "Connection Timeout" . Maybe you have the same problem of me, please advise sir. Thank you.
  2. Hello. I am working on an a machine automation project. I come from an Allen-Bradley background and am new to the OMRON environment. However so far the difference has appeared slight.  My current issue, involves an MCH71 motion controller and an 'ORIGIN SEARCH' Routine.  I am using MECHATROLLINKS II for the communication. I have set up my Registers just fine in CX-Programmer and have successfully performed jogging and incremental move functions from CX-Programmer using ladder instructions with the required bits sent to the MCH. I am however at a bit of a hurdle with the ORIGIN SEARCH function. I have read the manual numerous times. I have not been able to determine where exactly the Limit Switch is to be terminated to become a 'point of origin' so i can perform an origin search command. I will be using a single point of origin (Limit Switch) I have included any relevant documentation that I could dig up. It would APPEAR to me that the limit switch must be terminated to '41' I do not know what that refers to in terms of I/O points. (This was an old demo unit that I am now to utilize for a 3 axis machine...) I might add that this is my first motion control project. (I am from process control background) Each servodriver unit has a break-out I/O terminal block. I find no reference to '41' on any of them. (The 'P-OT and N-OT' have been disabled within the system parameters as well.) I plan on using these parameters;  1 for P4AA01 1 for P4AA02 (could this be wrong) 1 for P4AA03(also unsure) 1 for P4AA04(this i am pretty sure about) 0 for P4AA05(this i am positive will be required for accuracy) P4AA07 will require tweaking once i have set this up.    It is all in test mode and the servos are just secured to a test bench....Thanks. I