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  1. Hi everyone. Could someone explain, how do I righly stop pulsating command PLSY. Setting deceleration time and using SM5644 ends up with 3651 error. PLC is Mitsubishi FX5U, GX Works 3 Thanks
  2. Can we interface the arduino sensors like HC-SR04 an ultrasonic sensor that gives a PWM as output.Can it be read on PLC by any means ? How we can read the Discrete values of Ultrasnonic sensor on PLC ? any one who knows Kindly guide I'm working on Fatek PLC FBs 24 MAR-AC 
  3. Hello friends, I'm trying to understand the logic of the a flowmeter pulses for obtaining the volume of a fluid but I don't know why multiplying the value 0.985/100 by counts of the HSC. I hope someone can help me. I attach the picture of the code...Thanks!!!!