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  1. Hello, I'm new to setting up my controllers and communication between devices.  We wanted to see if using Modbus TCP/IP to communicate to a load bank was the right path for us.  I was able to configure my Micrologix 1400 controller Channel 1 for Modbus and set the data files.  I set up a read holding register 03 message, two write single register 06 messages and one write multiple registers 16.  I was able to read the data from the load bank, but I was unable to send any write commands.  I didn't get any errors in the messages.  I was able to send write commands through my pc to the load bank and it responded properly.  So I was thinking I must of missed something in my set up in the PLC. I'm attaching the PLC Program and the command set from the manufacturer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. BENCH_TEST.RSS ALx Series Input Command.pdf ALx Series PWR Command Page.pdf ALx Series Setpoint Command.pdf
  2. Hey guys,  Not really new to Allen Bradley per-say but I am very unfamiliar with PID loops and the best way to utilize them.  To be honest I had never even heard of it until a colleague said that it would be the best way to run my program.  Let me know what you think.  Here's the application. I have an Allen Bradley MircoLogix1400 with IF2OF2 analog card.  Controlling the speed of a motor via VFD. 4-20ma signal coming in from the flow meter of water entering the tank. 4-20ma signal coming from scale letting me know how much of the other product is left. 0-10v signal from PLC to VFD to adjust motor speed. The customer is going to have a separate system controlling water into the tank, we are going to use the signal from flow meter to measure how many gallons of water are entering per minute. My system will also be measuring the weight of that product in stock and feed it into the same tank as water at a 10:1 water:product ratio.   The motor will be running an auger that pulls product from stock and dumps it in the tank.  So we will be measuring how much weight is being lost per min and convert that to gallons per minute.  So once i have the rate of water flow in gpm and the rate of flow for product in gpm, i assume thats when the PID comes in?  Can anyone give me some pointers.  I'm positive it's not as difficult as I am making it out to be but again, never used it before so any little bit of info helps!   Thanks
  3. I want to use an incremental rotary encoder with my Allen Bradley PLC to move induction motor (3 Phase) in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.Please help me with the program how to use High Speed Counter Values to move motor reverse and forward.