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  1. IEMS instruction migration

    HI!  I face the same issue as this thread:  but I will be starting this new one.  I have to migrate a C200H to a CS1H, but I'm facing issues with the IEMS instruccion; it does not exist for the CS1H.  I pretty much know how the instruction works, but I don't really know how to migrate it.  I'm also facing some other handicap: my CS1H cpu don't have 3 EM banks as the original C200H, but I have to cope with it, can't change the CS1H cpu.  I was thinking in reserving three 6143 word chunks in the DM bank to emulate the EM banks so I can move the index register between those three "banks", but I don't really know how to change the instructions for the CS1H.  I've added a pic, some help would be welcome.   Thanks.