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  1. Old LogicMaster Revisions, as in DOS

    Hello all, A LogicMaster user is in search of an old DOS version. The latest version 9.05 which is great, but is compatible with 32bit files. And our files are 16 bit with SFC option. I have a true DOS computer. We have the SFC option. But no old LogicMaster to load. Would anyone have some old floppies lying around? Please email me Thank you.
  2. I have had a GE 90-30 CPU331 in my house for 17 years with no trouble at all. I have a problem that I have never seen before. I was editing the program using LM90. I don't know what I could have done in the program to disable an output. Just 1. All the rest of the points in that group on that card still work. I swapped cards with no difference. All of the elements of the rung are true (highlighted). The output is not on or highlighted. The nickname over the output has ONE letter highlighted. The bit in the reference is "0" and is highlighted or "grayed out" (the cursor is not on it). I searched for coil conflicts. I am using this output contact lots of places but only one output. The logic is working correctly when I use another output or %M. This is an isolated output which needs to be in this group (moving it would be awkward). What does a "grayed out" reference bit mean?