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  1. 1st time user and i'm trying to get some program examples on how to use the input. I have the 1762-IT4 on a Micrologix 1400 with a non grounded J type  thermocouple and what I would like to do is set up the card and use the min max in the program and when the temp reaches a given setpoint it'll set a warning light. has anyone done this before? thank you in advance for the help. Daniel
  2. Have a micrologix 1200R 1762-L40BWAR.  If anyone could help with providing the following information: Need a communication port with single receptacle that will mount through the door of electrical enclosure and then the communication cable (6 to 10') that will go from the com. port to the micrologix. Thanks
  3. I'm using a Micrologix 1100 with a 1762-IF4 module. I have 03 2-wire signals (pressure transmiters) and 01 4-wire signal (flowmeter). Is it possible to use both signals in the same module???. I don't have space for another module because it's an expansion and i run out of space in the cabinet. thanks for your answers and opinions.