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  1. So I ended up sticking with both generic cables but manually configuring the driver with those parameters you gave, and it went to working fine. Got it to upload/get online. Funny thing is.... I manually set all those parameters in Linx for the driver I was using before I even connected a cable. When I tried to go in through Channel 1 first, it still didn’t like it. So I pulled the HMI out of Channel 0 and went in to through that port; just for kicks though, I hit auto configure just to see what would happen, and it did it successfully. So with the driver set I went ahead and uploaded from it from Channel 0. Now I didn’t touch any configuration settings for either port once I was in the program. But once I plugged the HMI back up, I tried going into Channel 1 again, that time it worked. Went online with it just fine. I'm still thinking that I was able to go into Channel 0 to initially upload, only after I manually configured the drive.  But maybe after I had that path set, that's when I was able to autoconfigure where I couldn't before.  Thanks for everything! All your info was extremely helpful.
  2. I totally agree with first and second.  Although,  I have successfully auto-configured and gotten online using this USB to serial cable on some micrologix controllers But in those cases, the secondary cable was a Allen Bradley 1761-CBL-PM02 serial cable.  So I know the "usb to serial" cable will at least work on some micrologix products.  So now my question is do I absolutely need to have an Allen Bradley null modem cable after the -USB to serial- cable to make the connection with this controller?
  3. I'm wanting to get upload the program from a CompactLogix L31 Controller.  I'm using a generic (non Allen Bradley) "C2G brand" usb -->rs232 cable coming directly off of my laptop because I don't have a serial port out.  The rs232 side of the C2G cable is a "pin out" or male end, and as you can see in the picture, the serial port at Channel 1 on the controller is also male.  I'm using a generic (non-Allen Bradley) null modem (female-->female) cable to complete the connection.  Ultimately, I'm not seeing the controller on linx.  But that's a result of me not being able to configure the driver.  When I try to auto configure this driver, Linx gives me an error saying, "Unable to verify settings due to a NAK!" btw, the rs232 cable going into channel 0 is for the HMI on the machine. A pv600 1. How do I get online and upload the program from the controller? 2. What does NAK mean?