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  1. Need help to connect to an OMRON NX1P to read DM data.  Any good suggestions?  Will be using Python finally but can troubleshoot with .NET.

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    2. Linus Tan
    3. Linus Tan

      Linus Tan

      This is the reply when I try to read some DM data.. seems like whatever I send the error is the same

    4. Linus Tan

      Linus Tan

      My bad.. I got the FINS node wrong and thus cannot communicate.  No its working fine.
      A big THANK YOU to Innoaloe and Garry for pointing me in the correct direction!!


  2. Can I use C-mode programming using host link for NX1P2 series PLC?

    1. gclshortt


      Yes you can use the commands for host link through the serial ports of the NX1P2 Series PLC.