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  1. Rolling / Gliding average in GX Works 2

    Im using Q68ADV analog in module. A FB would be nice, but learning how to to the BFM-piece would also be interesting. R-I
  2. Rolling / Gliding average in GX Works 2

    I am using Q03. I found that the function could be used easily with IFM, intelligent function module. I have a project though which is running without IFM. How to use it with this setup i dont know. Still possible? Cheers
  3. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    Hello. Nine years later. Was there a finished code to share? I am trying to set up the same function in gxworks2. Cheers
  4. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Funny. Just did a download with the same program. Now it works fine from the start. Perhaps related to the fact that a reset makes the refresh work... Cheers!
  5. Hello I have an old test rig (hydraulic cylinder applies pressure to a crank in sawtooth pattern) project written in gx developer for the Q03 plc. To this plc is connected a 1041 beijer panel, I have uploaded the project to E-designer. I am rewriting the sequence code because a new but similar test is prepared. Have a PID-block in gx works 2 (not in a simple project sadly) i would like to import  and use in gx developer. This is causing me some trouble though.  Can anyone tell me how to get the PID-blocks from GX Works 2 to GX Developer? Do you recommend me to upgrade the project to GX Works 2 instead? How will the panel react? I need to reprogram this as well. Cheers // Rolf
  6. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Hmm. In the IFM monitor i do get a correct signal value for channel 5. It's is somehow the transfer to D501 that i have done wrong.
  7. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Hi Back after vacation. Have tried downloading the software with IFM in use, can't get the analog in to work though. Am using a signal tester to the AI channel 5 but the plc does not read it. With the old setup without IFM it works. Can you see any fault i am making? Cheers
  8. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Thank you. I tried it yesterday without adding a label but adressed D501 directly in the scaling block. Was not able to read any value from the analog inputs. Will create a label and try again. I will have no access to the equipment for a while though. Cheers
  9. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Thanks for info. Then i remove these networks. But how do I address an analog input directly? Like i did in picture 3? Regarding analog out, I believe i have enabled it. Have attached the picture. Will remove the networks 4-8 for the output also then.
  10. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Okay, I did that. Am i right in that i now do not need the networks 1-4 anymore? Can I now directly address the analog input channels to pass them on to scaling block? Thanks for the help.
  11. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Just saw it now that Channel[] is a local label array. Question is then, could i just expand the array and be able to take in the other analog inputs / channels? Cheers
  12. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Hello again Regarding switch settings. I think I understand it now. One question though, i am trying to access input channel 7 by adressing it the same way as has been done earlier in the AI block. But when i change channel[5] to channel[7] the compiler states: How is it done correctly? Any tip? Cheers // RI
  13. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Thanks for tip. It was actually due to me placing the pid start and control blocks in the wrong order. Pid start is to be executed last. Now it works like a charm, until next error will surface :) Parameters were also wrong like you said by the way. Pid control gave parameter error. Until correct values were put in. Was possible to simulate though.   
  14. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Thanks for that. I am understanding it more now. I have one remaining issue now. From mitsubishi I received 2 block, PID Control and PID Start. After implementing these i try simulate but come up with CPU ERROR. The error help is saying: The instruction cannot process the contained data. Access error of ATA card or SD memory card occurs by SP.FREAD/SP.FWRITE instructions. A file being accessed by another function was accessed with SP.FWRITE instruction. Have you seen this before? Cheers  
  15. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Hi again I added the two modules Q64ADV and Q64DAN. But I have 4 modules, the first 2 seem to be regular modules and cannot be added with the intelligent function module. Is that right? Cheers  
  16. Convert project from Developer or not?

    I mean the setup for which channels to use for input and output. Writing hex values, moving and setting different X and Y. I'm just used to adding the hardware, setting addresses and all is set.
  17. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Perfect. That was what i was looking for. Found the transfer menu down to left. Slowly i'm warming up to gx works 2 again. Quite nice environment. One thing i am wondering though is why its such a hassle to "initialize" inputs and outputs. Does it need to be that hard? Writing some hex-number to a certain variable. Thanks!
  18. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Thanks for quick answer. Feels better to be back in gx works 2. Though i cant seem to find where you set the option to download via usb. And since its been a year i cant find where to invert a pin. If im not wrong it was a quick keyboard command. Do you know? Google could not help. Cheers
  19. Hi again I browse through half a dozen mitsubishi manuals but turn up nothing for mitsubishi plc cross-communication. In this project there are about six L-06 plc:s. All are on the same ethernet network already, communicating nicely with the SCADA system. Per today information is (temporarily) exchanged via the SCADA system. Here is another hole in my knowledge. Namely how to correctly setup communication between these plc:s. I plan to continuosly exchange some 50 bytes of information. I would be grateful for some pointers and/or perhaps a reference to a manual. Cheers to all of you //
  20. L-06 mitsu plc ethernet communication setup

    Hi again. The communication between mitsubishi plcs looks solid and straightforwards. Am now considering the next step which is between mentioned L-06 and a Siemens PLC (S7-300 i believe). According to mitsubishi communication manual TCP looks like a solution. Anyone with some good input in this matter? Cheers //
  21. L-06 mitsu plc ethernet communication setup

    Thanks a lot all of you! My knowledge just expanded by wide. When I get over this cold I will put the solutions to use.
  22. What happens here? L06 / Gxworks 2

    Hey Inntele. I am definetely interested in this technique. Always nice to learn. Cheers //
  23. What happens here? L06 / Gxworks 2

    Hello I am at a loss here. There is something happening with TON_2 that also affects the variable STEG. Even though the input to TON_2 is false, IN and Q are true. Suddenly IN and Q turn false, and at the same time variable STEG makes a jump from 3 to 4, even though criteria for this step is not confirmed. Have had to override this fault by introducing a SR-latch and outside of block make a comparison between NIVÅ_FÖRRÅDS_KÄRL and 150.0 By the way, TON_2 is not declared globally. Would be very happy for suggestions and pointers. Cheers // DAN PE2 Jump.avi PE1 Jump.avi
  24. What happens here? L06 / Gxworks 2

    Thanks @Inntele. Will put your excellently simple function to use. Cheers // DAN
  25. What happens here? L06 / Gxworks 2

    Once again, tack för hjälpen. Unstable signal was my first guess, but at the time seemed so unlikely. Now it's back on the menu :) Changed the program to this: Ps. Any nice lowpass-filter in gxworks2? Ds.