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  1. Yes, I understand. But befor 1 month i have work with this cable, connecting, downloading programs and everything was fine. This week i try to connect with some PLC's and i have this problem. I will order new one, but it's will take time. And i have deadline for this project, it's gonna be fun. Have a nice day

  2. Hi Theo, I really have other programs whitch are using the COM port, TwinCad and CodeSys. I try to turn them off, but there is still no result. I try also to connect with oter Mitsubishi PLC's, the resul is same. Maybe it's something bad with the cable, i don't have other ideas. Have a nice day

  3. Hi Theo, I have already try different settings for my RS232, for Bouds, Bits and the other settings but the result is same. I'm not using USB converter, i have COM port on my laptop. And i've checked the settings of the COM number, it's COM1 everywhere - both the Control panel and GX Developer. I'm working in Kostal Ltd. and here are a lot of mashines with Mitsubishi controller. With some of them i have no problem to connect but with other i have this errror. Best regards, R.Bukov

  4. Hi guys, I have a problem with GX IEC Developer 7.04, i hope some of you can help me. When i try to connect with the PLC type - Melsec FX1s- 30MR-DC, there is an error: I check all COM port settings, and everything is ok. Com_port parameters: FX Parameters: Transfer setup: PLC Type in the program is the same like physical one (FX1s). I try to change all of this stuffs but there is no result. The cable I use for comunnication is this type: Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day! eng R. Bukov