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  1. hello, We are using Q03UDE cpu & MC 100 devicenet module for controlling filling pump. We need to do explicit messaging on device net network from Q03UDE PLC to pump. We have 1 pump ( 4 + 4 bytes to be mapped). Is it possible to do explicit messaging with pump module . Does Message instruction is available in GX works2?
  2. Hello , my plc is Q03ude & software is GXworks 2 .i have created array in gx works . but when i used this arrary in ladder it is showing " DATA TYPE UNAVAILABLE IN LADDER PROGRAMS IS BEING USED IN THE LABEL AS[32] as[32] is my global variable whose data type is array of 32 elements.
  3. Hmi weintek

    On the backside of hardware there are 4 dip switches available , make 2 no.(u have to confirm this, i dont have hardware now & be sure u have backup of project file of hmi) switch ON & recycle the power to hmi , this will reset the HMI to factory settings & the default password now will be 111111, u have to download the project again
  4. Hello , i am using Q03UDECPU & weintek HMI 8070 ih device(easybuilder). now i want to communicate these devices using ethernet ports. In easybuilder software there is option available to select th PLC , but it needs the TAG file(csv format) of plc program ,whereas in GX developer i am unable to export tag file in this format..has anyone done this communication before ...
  5. Devicenet configuration

    Hello , this is my first experience on mitsubishi q series plc, we have Q03ude cpu , it has Qj71dn91 devicenet module. We connect this with the devicenet slave modules i.e one base module & one expansion module. Now is there any need of gx configurator software to configure? I have configure using PLC code & everything on modules is indicating green , but my problem is that i am not getting the addressing (buffer memory addresses) where the slave sends inputs (i have connected one input & on the module it is showing that input is ON), but i am unable to detect this input in my plc address i have just given autoconfigure command Y15 then start communication Y11 , & i get x11 which is feedback that io are communicating but where to read this IO ?
  6. I did what u said , but the same problem is here & it is occuring for new applications also..
  7. OS is windows xp professional sp3 & factorytalk service version is 2.50(cpr9 sr 5)
  8. Hello i m using factory talkview ME 6.00 , RSLINX Enterprise 5.50.04, RSlogix v20. When i do the configuration in comm. setup it seems to be ok, but in my tag browser my application name does not show me any online or offline tags . I have define the shortcut path, offline file , & copy it from design to runtime ,in this it shows that shortcut path is assigned , file found, path to runtime file is assigned , everything is ok but the message appears LOSS OF SERVICE.THE SERVER RNA://$LOCAL/APPLICATION NAME RSLINX ENTERPRISE ON COMPUTER (PCNAME) (PRIMARY )IS NOT LOADED I have tried 1. uninstall factory talk view 6.00 many times & reinstall ,or switch to factory talk 5.10 2. UNinstall RSlinx Enterprise & install again Tried many things but its not working at all The only option remaining is to format the laptop and reinstall all .If any one can help please do.....
  9. RS linx classic

    I dont think this is cable problem , as if it was a cable issue , then it should not have detected plc in ETHERNET DEVICES driver . My problem is that if i use Ethernet ip driver then it is not detecting PLC or HMI . BUT if i use Ethernet devices driver , it works fine...(and problem with ethernet devices driver is that u sholud know the IP address before to configure this driver)
  10. RS linx classic

    Hello I m using RS linx classic 2.59, when i configure ethernet ip driver and connect my plc through ethernet cablel to laptop,the ping shows communication but my driver does not detect the PLC ? , also if i configure driver ethernet ip devices and gives ip address of plc in this as a host ip , then it detects the plc ,what shoul be the problem with first driver?