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  1. Reporting for Siemens PLC

    Hello, We want to do excel reports on Siemens PLC. We do not want to use historian programs. Do you know another programs?
  2. RBSReport with Kepware

    Hello we are using RBSReport from robosoft. www.robosoft.com.tr/rbsreporten.htm We have one question about our system. This software get data from kepware directly, archieve data into SQL Server directly. When we report the tag from this software, we must use template excel. So excel scale the analog value( for example tag value is 32000 temperature 100C) So we want to get scale tags from OPC Server directly so the datalogger archive temperature value directly.
  3. RSLinx OPC Data Logging

    Hello we are using RBSReport www.robosoft.com.tr/dataloggeren.htm it is very cheap program.
  4. SCADA reporting software

    Hello, I tried RBSReport from Robosoft. http://www.robosoft.com.tr/product.htm . It is cheap and easy program.