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  1. IP Configuration Batch File

    This is a batch file I use to automatically reconfigure my Ethernet port when I move from one network to another.
    It starts by finding and displaying the current address of the card and then displays a menu of IP addresses from which you can select. Once you have selected the address you want from the menu (1-5 for this file), it changes to that address and then verifies the new address and displaying it. If you enter an invalid selection, it will dump and start over without changing anything.
    This utility is based off of Microsoft's NETSH and SET commands.
    I keep this file, along with all my other batch files, in the subdirectory C:\Batch Files. I then have a shortcut on my desktop to call it.
    To modify, I prefer right-clicking on the batch file and selecting "Edit". For me, this brings up Notepad (my default editor) and make for easy modifications. Obviously you will need to update it to match your IP addresses, but you may need to modify the reference to "Local Area Connection" to the specific adapter name on your laptop.
    FYI - I am currently running this on WinXP.



  2. Telesis TMC420 Operation Manual

    Operation Manual for the Telesis TMC420 Marking System Controller for PINSTAMP® Single Pin Marking Systems.



  3. Telesis TMC420 Installation/Maintenance Manual

    Installation/Maintenance Manual for the Telesis TMC420 Marking System Controller
    Telesis Document No. 33484, Rev. G.