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  1. plc-plc via internet

    PMCR, this is awesome. Thanx
  2. plc-plc via internet

    You should use function blocks _ETN011_SOCKET_UdpOpen and then _ETN015_SOCKET_UdpSend to send data to other PLC (no programming needed on remote plc except setting up ETN module as described in manual here), and _ETN_SOCKET_UdpRecv to read data from remote PLC. However, as it is said above, integrated etn module (CPU3x) does not support socket services. you should have a separate CJ1W-ETN21 module. regards
  3. PID operation without PID or PIDAT instruction?

    judging by the symbol of contact in ladder, it is diffup contact and the plc is probably some CQM1. There you cannot check diffup option directly on contact properties but you have to use DIFU(13) instruction on some other bit which you then use for diffup functionality and it has a symbol like one you posted. We must know for sure which plc is used. At CQM1H there is PID instruction but you should first insert it in expansion instruction table. complicated days back then...
  4. indeed, you should remove @ sign if you want to operate with D28. now it shoud work on diffup of M_521 (W5.08) but only if M_56 (W5.06) is ON. But later, in step 1781 you add D28 (here too remove * from every instruction parameter) to D31 (remove *) and write it to D34 (remove *). D34 should be OK. But as I can see you are regularly using indirect addressing (with * or @), so abandon that approach. If you want to work with address D0 you write D0, D28 you write D28 etc. regards.
  5. I think this is the same program, you move CIO2001 to D0 (step 1795) and earlier you you add &4 to D0 which is indirectly addressed by the D28. when you use @D28 and if content of D28 is &0 (or #0) that is address D0. So adding operation in step 1769 is overwritten by move in step 1795. regards
  6. this is the problem: in step 1745 you move once (on W5.05 diffup) #0 to D28. then in step 1771 you add #4 (BCD) to the location written in D28 since you use BCD type indirect addressing ( * is BCD and @ is binary indirect addressing). since in D28 is value 0 your instruction do this: D0(which has some value e.g. 2) + #4 = D0(which now has value #6). You also use binary add +(400) instruction and BCD addend word (this #4), this works for numbers #0 - #9 but for bigger numbers it's wrong, since e.g. #10 is &16 etc. So use appropriate instruction. Finally, in step 1795 (couldn't tell which section cannot see Russian characters) you always (P_On) move content of CIO2001 to D0. So you overwrite with value of CIO2001 the content of D0 which you have previously used to add 4 to. that is the problem hope I helped. regards
  7. NT631C Ver 3.62

    indeed, it doesn't work. I've copied that file to System Program folder in NTST4.8E and still there is no 3.2/4.2 option. If I launch system installer I get the Omron Direct Access (E) version 4.2 (without this file there was only version 4.12) and this is the case only for NT31C-V3 (not 631C-V3). Still very strange...
  8. NT631C Ver 3.62

    Strange, I also don't have 3.2/4.2 listed, altough I have the same version as PdL posted above (4.85, 21 August, 2012). I've installed from the latest CX-One build, 4.32, that can be found now on the Omron download site for registered users. I've also tried to run as administrator nt support tool, but same thing. all this on Windows 8.1 64 bit, but also on Windows 7 32bit, same thing. Will try it on Windows XP virtual machine.
  9. Problem of CX-PROGRAMER

    yes, it could happen...we had a problem with cx-configurator which I want to forget...try to uninstall complete cx-one (and all Omron software that use cx-server - cx-supervisor e.g.), but using cx-one uninstaller you can find in cx-one installation folder under utility folder. then install cx-one again. it should work.
  10. OMRON NT31 HMI

    Try to play with settings of comm port? Try with none and also you can try with host link.
  11. ETN21 FINS (udp) 1 PC running 2 applications

    Maybe you can change the port for one app. We had the configuration of CJ2-CPU33, CX-Supervisor connected using Ethernet/IP and custom app created in Visual Studio using example in W421_E1_02_CS1W_CJ1W_ETN21_Construction_of_Applications_Operation_Manual.pdf. this app was using udp protocol at first and it worked in parallel with cx-supervisor and later we've transitioned to tcp protocol, and it also worked (both example are in this manual). now I am not sure which port this app was using but I think it was 5999, since cx-s was probably using 9600 (you can not specify port with Ethernet/Ip so I guess this is as with Ethernet or Ethernet(FINS/TCP) - 9600). regards
  12. OMRON NT31 HMI

    Current version of NT-Support Tool is 4.85, probably this 4.66 version of yours does not support hmi you've received. regards
  13. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    I think fins network 0 means local network. If you use network 1 then you should assign that network number to the ETN21 using cx-integrator -> routing table, as it is mentioned by chelton above.
  14. NT631C Ver 3.62

    Try NT631C-V2?
  15. OMRON PLC's and CITECT Comunication

    Did you set rotary switches for node number on ETN21 to 03 (last octet of IP address)?
  16. Omron Communication Cables

    You can use CPM1-CIF01 adapter to 9-pin serial port and then you can make a PC cable according to specs in manual (it's the same for most Omron plcs). Regarding the first item, maybe there is some additional information? I think you can use also CQM1-CIF01 cable for CPM1A, but not sure.
  17. NT631C Ver 3.62

    You should select NT631C-V2/V3 (System Ver.3.1/4.1) or NT631C-V2 since you have a EV2 hardware. After you click ok it should ask you for location and here you should be able to choose onw instead of mms file type.
  18. I have done it with CJ1, but only to download program without symbols, comments etc., although as I understand from manuals, it should be possible to download it. In CX-Programmer you select download to file, and you name a file REPLACE.OBJ. Copy this file to CF Card, put it to CJ1 CF Card slot, turn on DIP switch 2 to ON, switch power supply off the on, and the program should be loaded. I am afraid it is not possible on CPM1A models, since they do not have CF Card slots.
  19. Alternating Screens

    Sure. Use Projects Script, on every 20000ms and write something like this: IF bScreen1 Then display("Screen2") ELSE display("Screen1") ENDIF Also, in order to keep track of which screen is opened, put on Screen1 On Initialisation script: bScreen1 = TRUE and on Screen2 also put On Initialisation script: bScreen1 = FALSE One more thing, put for both screens Display mode to be Replace (double click on page will open Page properties dialogue). This way, opening one screen will close all other opened screens overlapped by the opening screen, which will ensure that On Initialisation scripts will be executed. regards
  20. need help with SCADA database. moving 50k points

    also, cx-supervisor plus edition (from version 2 and above, and also version 1.xx) can map 8000 tags, where tags could be arrays of max 1024 members (as I recall), so 8000 x 1024 = around 8 milions addresses can be mapped. It would be interesting to see the stability of cx-s in your circumstances.
  21. CQM1-CPU43 Output OFF Bit SR 252.15

    Indeed, PLC should be in RUN or MONITOR mode (monitor mode one use when there is operator panel / SCADA communicating with PLC). So you go online from cx-programmer and do the above steps. regards
  22. What you see at development is what you get in runtime on a real hardware. Simulation might be a bit different. regards
  23. CQM1-CPU43 Output OFF Bit SR 252.15

    I have a little experience with CQM, but more with other Omron plcs like CJ1 etc, but as I can see, when you open cx-programmer, you have in a list of symbols which are automatically created by the cx-programmer, a symbol named P_Output_Off_Bit. it's address is 252.15, this should be what you're looking for. drag it to a monitor window (View -> Windows -> Watch) and see its state, it should be ON since all your outputs are OFF. You can manually reset it from this window, right click - > Set Off. Haven't dealt with this in real life, but you could try this. regards
  24. How to get screenshots from CXDesigner?

    Try File -> Print, select Image file, and on Image file output details tab specify pic preferences. This way you get screens as in development. Sometimes it is not enough (e.g. when writing a user manual for which one need a runtime pics), when you can use a CF memory card, insert into NS, create a button to toggle system bit $SB25 which capture the runtime screen to the CF card. regards
  25. List and Display String problem

    Yes, but this bit should be used in the following circumstances (as stated in Help): -When the string data of an address being referenced changes. - When labels have been switched. I got confused since in earlier version this option didn't exist. so probably in simulation, you've opened a screen with this two text fields and list selection, you've entered the text in text fields and since the list selection is already shown, it won't display anything. if you switched screen and then back (so reload the list selection) the text would have been probably shown. List selection only read the referenced address on opening which is why on my project I've put the list selection on pop-up which have on loading screen macro to read out the referenced address. regards