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  1. Logix5K file mapping

    let me clarify: Machine #1: 1769-L23, 2711C-T4T   --working since 2014   Machine #2--recent rebuild 1769-L23, 2711R-T4T  --can't get to communicate.   First thing I did was copy communication settings in CPU and screen from Machine #1---before I even started on programming. Verified  null modem cable, DF1 protocol I have the feeling that I am missing some small little checkbox somewhere
  2. Logix5K file mapping

    I am re-opening this topic because the previous solution is not working. Rebuild of another machine--- 1769-L23E-QBFC1B   rev 20 2711P-T4T                  rev4.011 everything is set the same as Machine #1, but I can't get communications to work. Is anybody running a similar CPU/screen combination? We just happened to have these components on the shelf; so ,magement wants to get off cheaply as possible.
  3. PV9 pushbutton changes state automatically

    talking to 3rd shift maintenance this morning---asked if they had any recent problems---"no problems, but we had to change an E-STOP button out last week" I took a look at it--we use 30m Square D  9001KR9P1 maintained push-pull. This particular button did not "snap" open or closed; it felt mushy and soft. maybe this will solve the problem. If any further problems, I will add the counter as b_carlton suggested thanks for your suggestions
  4. PV9 pushbutton changes state automatically

  5. PV9 pushbutton changes state automatically

    Operators are 10' away from screen---watching product being unloaded into hopper. When product reaches a certain fill level, they walk back to screen and push button to close valve. Only 1 operator in this area---unless they are The Flash, operators are not accidentally pressing touchscreen. System in place since 1997--premature failure may be a possibility.   PLC program rung has 2 NO push button----Automatic/manual   & valve open/closed    OTE for valve to actuate Automatic/manual NEVER shows change of state on screen when problem occurs---Valve open/close push button shows change of state
  6. We have an old 9" PanelView screen, connected to a SLC5/03 processor. 2711-T9C3     PanelView controls a blender. This system has been in place since 1997  with no problem until the past few months. At the end of the batch, operators must toggle a PushButton on the screen--from AUTOMATIC to MANUAL. Change of state  is indicated by a back ground color change. Operators then toggle a VALVE OPEN PushButton, again indicated by background color changes. Both of these are Maintained PushButtons. Problem in the past few weeks is that the VALVE OPEN button has been toggling on its own---with no operator touch---the screen shows the change of state of the bit. When this happens, the valve closes automatically, and the operators can simply go back and touch the screen 1 time to open the valve. Problem is very intermittent. Problem DOES NOT happen between batches when operators are cleaning blender. Blender is used for plastic powders, so static can be a problem at times--screen. PLC, and all panels are grounded. I thought perhaps that particular area of the screen was developing problems, so I moved the button to another location---has not helped the problem. Any suggestions?
  7. Is it possible for a SLC 5/05 to talk to 2 networks? We have an Entek extruder with a 1747-L553 processor. The serial port is connected to an HMI. There is a DeviceNET card for communication to temp controllers. The Ethernet port is connected to a web access device provided by Entek for remote troubleshooting. The other ports on the web access are connected to other downstream equipment. This whole assembly has a separate VLAN with a 192.168.XXX.XXX address which out IT department have given access rights for Entek to remote in. Due to demand, the machine is being operated substantially more, and the operator/supervisor is no longer able to be there to monitor. A suggestion was made to put it on our network, and use RSView32 Remote Display (we already have several seats) to show the important parameters in the supervisor's or engineer's office. Does anyone know of a way we can get this PLC on our network so we can monitor it; and still give Entek remote access? Any router/ switch/ smoke signal generator we can use to handle the communications? I have 3 empty slots in the SLC rack.
  8. In our US facility, we have departmental RSView servers that the MES system uses to read any tags needed for management inquiries. Upper management now wants to roll this out to our plant in Germany. The machines in Germany have CompactLogix PLCs, so the tags are already in the right format. Germany does not have a RSView system installed at the present time. Any suggestions about how we can deploy a MES system to our facility there-----without the MES software polling the PLCs directly? Company owners do not want the expense of a RSView system (naturally); but if there is no easy alternative, I guess they will have to pony up the money.
  9. Logix5K file mapping

    The biggest problem was the cable itself--I had snagged a "good" cable from Maintenance department. They needed it back for a production machine--that's when I found it was bad. Also typo's on my part--- I had braces instead of brackets in some of my addresses. Thanks again for all of your help. Machine has been running for past 2 months with no problems.
  10. Logix5K file mapping

    Kudos, thanks, & blessings Ken----PanelView and CompactLogix appear to be happy now---at least they are talking. Now to de-bug the Logix program.
  11. Logix5K file mapping

    Df1 is what I have set up KB 55209 Error on PVc is: Data Access Error for Alias SOAK_TMR, Controller PLC-1, Address is N10:1* All errors follow this format for each tag name and address If I am mapping a DINT array in Logix5K, then do I need to format my tags in PVc as 32 bit integers?
  12. Logix5K file mapping

    1769-L23QB1B Information from KB and Technotes: 18034 7355
  13. Logix5K file mapping

    Can someone please explain file mapping----in small words of few syllables? I am attempting to use a PanelView component as HMI for a CompactLogix processor. Yes, I know it wasn't designed to do this, but there is apparently a procedure for this application. I have made the PVc program, and the Logix program. I made an array in the controller tags to handle the number part of the data (timer presets, accumulator, thermocouple values) and referenced bit level elements for push button duties. Logix program works, and controls the machine just fine----but no communication. I have the communication ports configured as prescribed in AB's knowlegebase. Can anyone look at the screen shots and give me some advice? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.