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  1. Hello fellas.

    I'm trying to learn to use the HART functions of a FLEX i/o 1794 input card, and I have most of it figured out.

    There is this setting though, called HART current ratio, which allows a selection of disabled, or 5% to 31%. I can't figure out what it does though. The "HELP" guide explains that it is a threshold percentage for forcing HART read back indication (Input signal deviation HART to analog) but I am quite unsure what this means.

    Is it the allowed deviation that the analog signal can have, compared to the transmitted HART data?

    Hope the question makes sense,


  2. Hello fellas.

    I am having trouble with understanding the communication between my AB PLC and my Balluff BNI0085, which is connected through an IFM AL1120 IO-link deivce.

    I am currently running a setup with an AB PLC (L18ER) that is connected to a local network through a network switch. I have connected my IFM AL1120 to this switch, and the IP configuration for both devices have been completed.

    The communications are made by using two add-on instructions, supplied by Rockwell: The BMC_AOI_PROC_BNI0085 instruction (For the Balluff smartlight), and the Generic_4PORT_IOL (For the IFM IO-link).

    I have additionally been supplied an ACD-file by my ex-coworker, containing a program that administrates the communication between the two add-on instructions. I have attached the routine from this as a PDF.

    What works:

    I can go online with my PLC, and by using the parameter "BNI0085_Mapped_Data.O" I can control the smartlight. I can change the settings for light-mode (Segment, Level, Runlight, Flexible), and the different parameters for each mode.

    What's the problem:

    When I change the Mapped_data.O to run in level-mode, I can adjust the light to show the level desired. When I try to adjust the level above halfway, the light switches off, and can't seem to be steady lit (Light turns on/off, random dimming). I speculate this might be due to the small power supply for the IO-link device, and the setting for brightness is not included in the AOI for the smartlight. 

    I therefore tried to adjust the brightness by connecting through the LR-device software from IFM(The same used to configure the IO-link). I added the IODD (IO-link device description, "Balluff-BNI_IOL-802-102-Z037-20190215-IODD1.1.xml") for the smartlight, and connected the device, which is discovered in the device list once the IO-link IP has been entered.

    I can read the values from both the IO-link and the BNI0085 devices, and I can write parameter settings to the IO-link device.

    Whenever I try to edit any parameter for the smartlight, I get the error attached.

    I am currently trying to follow the SmartLight userguide for the Balluff, as it describes the brightness setting as being in the ISDU index 51hex, but I don't know how this pertains to the AOI.


    I am in over my head with this issue, and I don't know what information is needed or what is unnecessary. I've tried to include all that I think is relevant, I'll gladly provide what might be missing. 

    Any help is greatly appreciated, cheers :)



    LR-device Error 1.png