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  1. No Out Put Signal from Part in Place sensor to PLC

    Thank you Joe. We Have a Variety of PLC's on site. We had to get the Panasonic Robot Agent on site with the software. I requested the software from the Panasonic Robot Agent.   thankyou for the advise
  2. No Out Put Signal from Part in Place sensor to PLC

    Hello Admin Thank you for your reply and the questions.  Questions are good for the growth and expansion of knowledge for PLC. We diagnosed the main problem on the PLC side.  The PLC lost its Logix memory and we had to upload the backup and we were off and running at 16h30. we are still troubleshooting as to why this happened.. Please can you advice what could have caused the memory loss. We are suspecting a power spike. thank you again for your support    
  3. I had an a Major Error Fault on my PLC  but managed to reset Fault. im not getting output signals from part in place sensors to PLC. the Servo On button is not activating