A-B Ethernet ActiveX Control Trial Version

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About This File

ActiveX Toolkit for use in Visual Studio.NET, Visual Basic, C++, Excel, and other packages to create runtime-free HMI/SCADA apps that communicate with A-B ControlLogix, PLC5, SLC5/05, and MicroLogix PLCs via Ethernet.

  • Does not require RSLinx or 3rd party drivers.
  • Visual Studio.NET Compatible
  • Supports MicroLogix 1100/1400 unsolicited messaging
  • Supports ControlLogix unsolicited messaging
  • Supports ControlLogix Gateway to DH+
  • Supports 1761-NET-ENI module
  • Extremely fast, optimal transaction time 5~10 mSec.
  • Supports ControlLogix native tag names including UDTs
  • Supports unsolicited messaging via MSG instruction (PLC5/SLC).
  • Supports block transfers of up to 1000 words per transaction for PLC5 and SoftLogix5
  • Supports block transfers of up to 250 words per transaction for ControlLogix
  • Supports block transfers of up to 120 words per transaction for SLC500
  • Built-in auto-polling feature
  • Includes extensive context-sensitive help system
  • Version 2.x control provides common user interface across all version 2.x controls (including Modicon, GE, PLC Direct, etc.) for maximum code portability.
  • ActiveX control is multi-threaded for high data throughput
  • Example applications and source code included.
  • Easily connect office systems to factory floor.
  • Fully functioning 30-day trial version available for download