Thompson Scale 4693, TSC350 Driver for HMI/SCADA 1.0.0

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About This File

With ParTSCComm driver you can communicate via serial or Ethernet with Thompson Scale Checkweigher Systems Models 4693 and TSC-350, emulating the Stat Pak-PC Data Exchanges.


  • Customer_Name
  • Product_Desc
  • High_Reject_Limit
  • High_Pass_Limit
  • Target_Weight
  • Low_Pass_Limit
  • Low_Reject_Limit
  • Container_Weight
  • Weight_Unit
  • Save_Product_Number
  • Run_Product_Number
  • Product_Listing_On
  • Product_Listing_Off
  • Print_Interim_Report
  • Print_Final_Report
  • Print_Product_SetUp_Listing
  • Clear_Stat_Buffer

This driver can be conviniently used with Visual Studio in development of complete large scale complex HMI/SCADA Systems. It can be used to perform advanced reporting MES, analytics, IoT, Big data type apps. One example is available to download here

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