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Does the micro850 allow to jump to sub-routines like found with rslogix500 

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The logic in a Micro 800 is supposed to work the same as in RS500. So you'll have a main routine, followed by all subroutines. In RS500, you're limited to 256 routines total, although 0 & 1 are proprietary to the system and not accessible. That leaves Ladder 2 as the main routine, and 3 through 256 as subs. You can also have a subroutine "call" another subroutine, which is then referred to as a "nested" subroutine. RS500 limits you to eight nested subroutines but if you need that many, you're likely doing something very wrong, lol.

All that said, I believe the Micro 800s are only programmable through Connected Components Workbench (CCW). (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this). The ladder editor in CCW sucks and is not anywhere near as easy as writing code in RS500. I'm using CCW V10, and primarily for VFDs. I haven't played with CCW V12 (the most recent update), but I've heard the editor and tool bars are "somewhat better". I was told by a Rockwell distributor sales engineer that the Micro 800s were Rockwell's answer to the products being sold by Automation Direct. It's an inexpensive but long-lasting, rugged controller for small to medium controller-based systems, with a free programming tool, CCW.. The trade-off is that the programming tool isn't terribly user friendly.

So, if you're just running a trash compactor or a bailer and need to save money in terms of actual dollars spent, get a Micro 800, download CCW and deal with the ladder editor extending your programming time. The PLC itself will definitely last longer that anything Automation Direct is putting out there. However, if I were running a little bit bigger project that required a lot of subroutines and such, I'd probably go with a Micro 1400, just bite the bullet, and pay for RS500.

Long answer to a simple question, but I hope this helps :-)

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