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Vijeo Citect IO server issue, (I think)

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Hello Everyone,

This is my first time posting here so I hope y’all can help me. I am an IT Specialist with a company that has very old equipment and software that runs the spinning machines. The SW is Vijeo Citect v5.21 G.  


IBM Personal Computer 300PL

193 MB RAM

Comtrol RocketPort 8 PCI (parallel port connection) INT 9

AB 1784-PKTX  DH+ Passed testing

When Citect starts At Status: IO server

Error: Cannot allocate memory, Interrupt Board ‘KTXD1A’ at adresss 0xcc00 (yes address is spelled that way

Error: Cannot allocate memory, interrupt board “KTXD2’ at adresss 0xcd00

Error: Board ‘KTXD1A’ is undefined

(The above 3 errors cycle 2 times)

Error: Error 0x21 on opening ‘KT1_Port1’

In the hardware alarms signal I receive M1PLC1 PLC Server I/O Device off-line, cannot talk

                                                                       J52_3rd_FLR Server I/O Device cannot talk.

I also get the occasional Citect Divide by Zero error.

I don’t know if this is common for the Citect application but I am getting Red #COMM Errors.

Current allocation of virtual memory is 1000MB. 

I am assuming the IO server is where the issue is.  J52_3rd_FLR is number 5, address 1 Protocol MODBUS Port name RP1_P4_COM7

M1PLC1 number: 9 Address 1kt:0,11 , Protocol: ABTCP5 Port Name: KT1_Port1 Comment j54 Allen Bradley PLC5, Linked False  Link database type Concept Ver2.1 ASCII file, Automatic Refresh of tags : FALSE

Basically they want this up in 48 hours. I have never worked with Citect and the PC is a Frankenstein of the original PC and the backup that had a bad motherboard.

I am not familiar with this software at all and it wasn’t working before I got here.  We need to be able to change the recipes and speeds of the spinFinish which is not possible.

Any Help would be welcomed and if it cannot be fixed I will need to find a replacement but I feel this is a configuration issue and I do not have any documentation on how this should be properly configured.

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