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I'm having an issue that when I start the install for TIA Portal Version 11 I get a message that says, "You must restart your computer before you can run setup. Do you want to reboot your computer now?"

I've said yes, it will reboot and the same message will come up again automatically. I've tried rebooting several times and nothing.  I've said no to the reboot and it says, "You cannot continue without rebooting. Please reboot the computer yourself."

Any thoughts on this?


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Got this from Siemens support, this took care of the problem:

Please do a Reboot prior to Installing further Programs

Historically the 'please do a re-boot before installing' message would come up almost immediately after the install CD was inserted. We would, remove DVD, delete the pendingfilerenameoperation key, not reboot, insert DVD and install would be OK.

Increasingly, I have seen the message "please reboot, but also a mention of data on computer that needs to be deleted" and this message appears a little further on in the installation. In these cases, on this message window there is a 'Back' button, have customer hit "Back" . Leave the DVD in the drive, but go delete the pendingfilerenameoperation key now,

1.   Open the registry editor via menu "Start > Run" and the command "regedit".

2.   Browse to path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager "

3.   With Session Manager selected. In the right-hand panel of registry editor, select "PendingFileRenameOperations" and delete it.

then hit the 'Next' button. I think the next few screens are: 1) name and company info 2) typical, minimum, custom installation and then 3) big 5 language selection. Once you get to these screens, install should be OK.

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