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  1. Hello. In a new project that I am working on, I have my main PLC as NX102-9000 and I am using an SL5500 Safety PLC along with it on the rack. I was thinking of using an NX-EIC202 ethernet communication module out in the field along with a couple of standard IO cards (NX-ID5142-1 & NX-OD5256-1) as well as a couple safety IO cards (NX-SID800 & NX-SOD400) attached to it. Would this configuration work? How would I map the safety signals over to my safety PLC in the Rack over the ethernet? I can map the standard IO (and standard safety IO status) using tag sets but I didn't find an option to do the same for the safety IO. When I go into the safety PLC ethernet communication settings in Sysmac studio, there is no NX-EIC202 shown. Only NX-CSG320. I am a newbie to Sysmac and any help is much appreciated.