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  1. CMM311 how to send data?

    Hello, I have a PLC 90-30 with CPU341 and 2 communication modules CMM311 (used in Courier 30XP from Outotec) these modules don't send data anymore (maybe someone erased something), so I'm trying to diagnose these CMM311 but I don't know how to configure them or how they work. I read  GFK-0582D manual and  uses COMMREQ blocks to start communication (I don't find any block in the programs attached) is that true?. Could you please tell me which manual to read? How data is send through CMM311 or how can I configure it ? I have attached 3 different programs used in the equipment for help (I used Proficy Machine Edition 5.9 to open those pograms).  COURIER MOLY.rar