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  1. Dear Sir, Could you show me step by step to write a program to a memory cassette ( eg C200HW-ME08K). I tried many times but failed. Thank you very much.    
  2. C200HW-MC402-E help

    Hi There i need your help here pls i have one c200hw-mc402-e and i try to connect with a cs1g-cpu44h i cant realise how connect this 2 . can you please write one simple program to connect the cpu and this card becouse i try to connect with motion perfect and i cant connect the card have 2 Flashing liths the run and disable. this is the error One of the following errors occurred in the configuration of MC Unit and CPU Unit: Illegal unit number Unit number duplication Cyclic initial error Unit number setting error the unit is 0 and for the Operation Manua i cant realise how to comunicate with the card can someone plz help