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  1. Configuring HSC in CJ1W - CT021

    Great, I tested it today and when I connect proximity switch DI0 signal goes high. Now, how can I use this DI to count number of pulses each second? Is it enough to use timer of 1s that counts number of pulses? Or can I use "PRV" block for HSC? If so, how I configure it? What does port specifer means? How can I connect my digital input to "PRV" block?
  2. Configuring HSC in CJ1W - CT021

      I saw the manual but am still confused. My unit number is 24 so can you tell me how can I read when DI0 of module goes high?
  3. I need help configuring high speed input in my project. As high speed input I am using proximity switch and I connected it to Digital Input 0 of CT021 (Pin 5 on image) So how can I know what is adress of my DI0 from that module? How can I know when DI0 goes on? This is my main problem because I don't know the adress of that digital input.  If I knew the adress I would than easily link it to some counter and see if it is counting  
  4. CJ2M HSC input

    Lets say 8 pulses per rotation. 
  5. CJ2M HSC input

    I need to count motor speed with digital input. So lets say that the speed is 600 rotations/min
  6. CJ2M HSC input

    What is cheapest Omron plc with integrated HSC input?
  7. CJ2M HSC input

    I have omron plc CJ2M CPU15 and I have input module CJ1W-MD261 (32 inputs, 32 outputs) and I was wondering can I MD261 module for hsc inputs? When I open CX programmer and go to settings and go to "IO Module" I see that I can include HSC input and I assigned it to Input 08 and what is that input? Is that input 0.08 on MD261 because my plc has no integrated inputs or outputs  (image included at the bottom). Any help is wellcome