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  1. Hi, I need this help, I have a problem when connect my PLC FX3U (Made in China) with FX2N-4AD. When I connect the extension cable of FX2N-4AD to FX3U it turn off the RUN LED and ON Error LED. But When I disconnect the FX2N-4AD from the PLC it operate normally. Does it because my FX3U made in China and my Fx2N-4AD made in Japan. I really appreciate your help. Thank you
  2. I think so, maybe the Chinese PLC is not compatible with Japanese Extension event with the same brand.
  3. I already check the extension cable on PLC and FX2N-4AD there is nothing wrong.
  4. Yes I also Diagnose with the PLC and it show the error code is 6108. And I check on the Manual there is no 6108 error code.