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  1. From DINT to Struct (DUT)

    Hi GreenMan Thanks for the example. No it seems that ist not any good solutions for that. I cant assign the struct to a global variable. I use it in a FB, that I need to reuse several times.  
  2. From DINT to Struct (DUT)

    Hi does anyone have an idea how to convert a DINT to a Struct containing 32 bits? Today i convert the DINT to an Array of 32 bits then i move each bit in the array to the struct like this. I don't like the way to do this therefore my question. hStatusArr[0]:=DINT_TO_BITARR(iInputStatus,32); (* Load status into array *) oStatus.bit0:= hStatusArr[0]; oStatus.bit1:= hStatusArr[1]; oStatus.bit2:= hStatusArr[2]; oStatus.bit3:= hStatusArr[3]; oStatus.bit4:= hStatusArr[4]; oStatus.bit5:= hStatusArr[5]; oStatus.bit6:= hStatusArr[6]; oStatus.bit7:= hStatusArr[7]; oStatus.bit8:= hStatusArr[8]; oStatus.bit9:= hStatusArr[9]; oStatus.bit10:= hStatusArr[10]; oStatus.bit11:= hStatusArr[11]; oStatus.bit12:= hStatusArr[12]; oStatus.bit13:= hStatusArr[13]; oStatus.bit14:= hStatusArr[14]; oStatus.bit15:= hStatusArr[15]; oStatus.bit16:= hStatusArr[16]; oStatus.bit17:= hStatusArr[17]; oStatus.bit18:= hStatusArr[18]; oStatus.bit19:= hStatusArr[19]; oStatus.bit20:= hStatusArr[20]; oStatus.bit21:= hStatusArr[21]; oStatus.bit22:= hStatusArr[22]; oStatus.bit23:= hStatusArr[23]; oStatus.bit24:= hStatusArr[24]; oStatus.bit25:= hStatusArr[25]; oStatus.bit26:= hStatusArr[26]; oStatus.bit27:= hStatusArr[27]; oStatus.bit28:= hStatusArr[28]; oStatus.bit29:= hStatusArr[29]; oStatus.bit30:= hStatusArr[30]; oStatus.bit31:= hStatusArr[31];