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  1.  Hi all I’m doing some programing in ST with RS Logix designer V32 and I’m quiet new to ST in Allen Bradley, but used to SCL in Siemens S7 TIA   I’m finding it quite difficult to debug the program with online monitoring. I can activate the “Inline Value Display” function, so that every tag value are displayed along with its tag, but all values are shown even though the code is e .g. within an IF function where the condition are not fulfilled, so the code is actual not being executed. So to know if a line of code is being executed I need to go upwards in the code to check that every IF or CASE that encloses that line of code is executed. In Siemens it is clearly marked which code that are being executed at the given time. Other programing environments, like e.g. TwinCat calls this FlowControl. Is there anything similar that I can activate or do you have any tips on how to structure the code, to make it more debuggable? Thanks in advance