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  1. Rockwell Automation You Make It Challenge

    voted. Hope he does well... 
  2. necat there are other ways to compare. If the compare tool is not working for you - I know there are compare issues with rslogix V24 and up. I wish from time to time that rslogix emulate is fixed for higher revisions. Other methods to work around: save the files as L5K and do a compare with notepad++ - it does a decent job  print the two files out as a pdf (generate a report) and do a diffpdf (available on portable apps) --> it shows visually what code differences are there. Hope this helps as well.
  3. I/o Not responding AB 1769

    You already mentioned what happened... a lightning strike... You already replaced the power supply and the right end cap. Start with replacing with the processor as well. The processor comm channel might have been damaged since you mention that you cannot see the rslinx io tree. Work your way through each card and check for physical damage (smell test and black burn marks on the boards are a pretty good indication)
  4. Communication: PV +600 to SLC 5/03

    yes Red Lion HMI are awesome - only you have to rebuild your HMI runtimes... Red Lion has become a good reputable brand in that matter. I have used their HMI, temperature controllers, data converters and they always seem to surprise me - that they can handle the task at hand.  
  5. Communication: PV +600 to SLC 5/03

    no that means that you have to change your communication protocol on the SLC  with an ethernet card ( 1747-AENTR) or start looking for 3rd party converters.  Prosoft has a couple of solutions Ethernet to DH485 gateway...
  6. Communication: PV +600 to SLC 5/03

    yes 1761-NET-AIC converter does the trick. I don't know if Rockwell even offer those anymore... . Just a quick side note , Rockwell is phasing panelview plus 6 out of their product line and replacing it with a panelview 7. There is already a price hike on the panelview plus 6 screens in order to push panelview plus 7 on the market. The panelview plus 7 only communicates with a SLC over ethernet protocols. 
  7. This means PORT 5 on the VFD is not setup right.  It means something in your RSLOGIX5000 file (under your IO tree is not setup right) or the powerflex700 adapter (I assume you are using a 20-COMM-E card) is not set correctly.  In RSLOGIX5000 - under the VFD device configuration - for keying are you using compatible module? is connection showing datalinks and dataformat 0 datalinks? is your VFD AOP correctly installed on your laptop? 
  8. CCW Questions

    I only use CCW for recording VFD settings as a master control document. The problem with CCW is "it does not update automatically" when new versions fixes certain software bugs. Let's say you developed your program in CCW Version 2. Next controller comes in or customer decided to use another CCW version to open do some code changes. You are guessing what version it was created in and last opened with!.. CCW Motto should be - you get what you paid for - software is free but your labor cost is outrageous and frustrated hours of making certain things work is just ridiculous in lost time in repair... I stay away from those Micro800s! I rather have a micrologix over a micro800. Micrologix is stable, easy to setup, no guessing on firmware versions, it does its job and the product line has maturity. 
  9. PLC5 Bumpless Transfer

    Alphite,  It sounds you might have some other issues. For heating applications there are a few options to explore (bang bang control, PID, fuzzy). PID setup can be a bit tricky - what is the PV when you are checking this out?  check out document 1785-rm001_-en-p  - page 198 and look at tieback if you need it. Is your bias set right? Hope I can point you out in the right direction.
  10. Dashboarding Recomendation

    There are a few options available. I have worked with all of them. * HTML5 packages - zenon copa data (paid), advancedhmi (free) * TrakSys from Parsec - monitors production data with SQL and a server, it has a webpage that can be displayed.  * Setup a laptop or a server that runs a panelview runtime that has this information displayed  * a panelview hmi (plant IP accessible) that you assemble with viewpoint administration (viewpoint comes with the new panelview 7's thesedays), Type in the IP address of HMI to see information (only one person can watch it at a time, depending on the license configuration on the panelview) * a VB Application that collects the data from the PLC (through DDE or OPC) * add a 1756-EWEB card if you have a controllogix that can collect info from all the other plcs.
  11. VIew Studio Legacy Tag Database utility

    what I do with old mer files that need 32 bit is. I use virtualization. Install a VM player with windows xp - 32 bit (if you still have an XP OS CD laying around) and install all the old Rockwell software. It will always open old files that way. Even Rockwell makes statements about VM images (knowledge base ticket number 627269 and you can do searches on how to share your license key between your laptop and a VM) and virtualization. Even pcmccartney1 mentions is a good method in order to convert (Rockwell has several patches even for between FTVIEW 9.0 and FTVIEW 10.0).   
  12. If you have any other questions about panelviews - let me know. I will be glad to help. 
  13. IO Link Master Recommendation

    yes - the 200mA is pretty much the standard thesedays. I have seen this current limit on Balluff's IO link, Rockwells and Phoenix Contact Versions as well. I think in the future they might up the size - since some solenoid valves can have a current draw of 2A and up. Festo has come up with some nice solutions such as CPX terminal with a CPI system - it might be useful to explore those options if your current draw is set for 300mA. I never had an issue with Festo Application engineers and they might have a solution for your older system.  
  14. Check program motor and drive configuration against installed hardware that is what phase 2 means. Do you have any cables swapped, is your node address set correct, is your baudrate set, did you do a download without a motor database? Node address and baudrate are physical set on the drive (there are switches)
  15. Allen-Bradley Servo Feedback Signal Loss UL & FL

    I would check the encoder feedback connector - I assume that you made up the encoder to the drive. If it started to do it out of the blue and no cable damage - that means the connections are loose (just a few strands with the encoder pin is not enough,... ). Also, I would check if you got a proper ground with the drive and the encoder shield is properly installed.