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  1. Why no greater than (>) contact in DirectSoft?

    To me, > is virtually the same as >=. You set >= one higher than what you would have set > and it works the same. So >10 would be >= 11. At 10, neither do nothing and at 11 both are triggered. So > would effectively be a duplicate command and therefore why have it if you are after efficiency. Anyhow, that's my take on it.
  2. Delay program run

    I was thinking of something like this but couldn't come up with anything, probably due to my inexperience. The dummy screen that I created above, has worked a treat. I'm now in the process of cleaning up the rest of the code, learning as I go. Thank you all.
  3. Delay program run

    I just went for a walk and worked out a solution. I created a "dummy" screen in the Maple and set that as the start up screen. I deleted the SP0 and inserted a test for the start up screen. Once the start up screen is detected, the Maple has finished booting up, I then call up the screen that I wanted as the real start up screen and then had this rung disabled by a coil that is set to turn on and stay on. Your idea would work a treat if I didn't come up with the above. Thank you.
  4. Delay program run

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of trying to get a Maple Systems OIT3165 to work nicely with a DL05. While the majority of the program is ok once things are running, the trouble I am having is with the DL05's SP0 _FirstScan. I believe that the SP0 _FirstScan is running while the OIT is still booting up (about 4 seconds after the DL05 has booted up), meaning that anything configured to run using SP0 _FirstScan is being lost. Is there a way to program a delay of the startup of the DL05 program so that the OIT has finished booting up before the DL05's program starts to run? Thank you. Rod.