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  1. CITECT 6.10 Service Pack B

    Dear Wasan, Thanks for the reply. However i had fixed the issue. I tried to add a TCP board when there was one existing. This caused the issue for me when i added an IO Device. Regards Gopal
  2. Hi, I am having an issue with Citect 6.10.  I am working on a project for addition of New PLC to the existing SCADA. Currently there are 50 I/O Devices configured in the CITECT SCADA. When I create a New IO Device and Run the Project, Citect Runtime Hangs and closes after some time. There are 10 projects included in 1 main project (total 11 projects incld main). The communication portion is configured in separate project wherein i tried to create the IO device for my project. Kindly try to support me in this issue to solve the problem so that i can close out the project. Citect Version 6.10. Servicepack B Windows Operating system. Windows 7 32bit with service pack 1 Kindly let me know if in case there is a need for more details. Regards, S. Gopalakrishnan