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  1. Hi Kaare_t,  Ref: BFM2010 = D2016 that you mention.. I have to count like this is correct..?  Auto Comm Parameter1 , Access Points = 2  2000h  = D2000-D2001 Auto Comm Parameter2 , Access Points = 16 2002h  = D2002-D2017 Auto Comm Parameter3 , Access Points = 10 2020h  = D2032-D2041 Is it correct..?   
  2. Hi Kaare_t,  thank for your explained.. and this is my point "Note that BFM are HEX address based, while dataregisters are DEC address based, so BFM2010 = D2016... " from your answers.. then I can know that where is data stored from 2000h --> Dxxx.. (HEX ->DEC)  Thank you very much.. 
  3. Hi Kaare_t,  Thank for your reply and helpful..  I attached file to you... and I used CH2 (RS485) to connected with devices and , My devices have some data for Holding register and Input register.. You can see in "Automatic Communication Parameter".. and in Automatic Communication Parameter1-6 are for Holding register , Automatic Communication1 is for input register..  and I setup Auto Refresh is for D2000 (1000 points)..  if I read data from Holding register as Automatic Communication Parameter1-6 (Target No.1) have no problem and when I connected Input Register as Automatic Communication Parameter7 (Target No.2) then Target No.2 is not reading..  My questions..,  -I don't understand how to config BFM 2000h and the BFM 2000h = D2000 in auto refresh or not..?  -In Automatic Communication Parameter1, BFM is 2000h and Modbus device number is 16384-16385 (floating) , I filled access point is 2 and is it correct..?  -the data from 16384-16385 (floating)  is store in D2000-D2001 right..? if right that.. why data from 16394-16409(floating) are not store in D2003-D2018..?  -when we have too many Modbus devices number and used for auto refresh store in D2000.. I must found data stored by devise/buffer batch monitor and check on this page where is my data stored.. How can we count up is right way on auto refresh for D2000 to D2999 as my data are in stored from 2000h  -for data is Input register.. I should setting "Input Register" column on MODBUS_Device assignment such as Device, Head Modbus device number, Access points or not..? and how can I config for "Input register" column..?  waiting your reply.,  thank in advance..  QJ71MB91.zip
  4. Hi, I am trying to read data from modbus device, and data is on input register 04h...  how can i config parameter on QJ71MB91 for.. pls advise.. I can read holding register 05h.. and when i using buffer memory 2000h for input register then data is incorrect.. Hope someone can help me.. Thank in advance..
  5. Hi Wasan, One more question.. When PV = SV.. why MV is in lower output range..? and i set bit3 of C+5 = 1.. it mean when PV = SV , MV will be 50% of output range.. 
  6. Hello Wasan,  Thank for your suggestion and I did it and work fine now...:)   
  7. I have to check and some of my register is still wrong.. Then, I renew programming again and D500 (MV) still inactive.. Could every one help me please....?  MMI_2018_v2.cxp