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  1. RSLogix5 Analog Scaling

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  2. RSLogix5 Analog Scaling

    Hello there! I am just a few minutes into this and here is my first post. Hopefully this works out! I am very new to Allen Bradley programming. Anyway, I am trying to replace 4 proximity switches with a laser. The laser needs to be able to tell the RSLogix5 to execute at 4 different positions. System Information: RSLogix5 16 channel analog input card Input card:  1771-IFE Series C 4-20 mA signal scaled to 0"-50" Ive done some digging and cant seem to find a great way to scale an analog signal in RSLogix5.  So far, all Ive come up with is to make 4 different 'LIM' blocks to create a range that matches the existing proximity switches. Any help is great help! Hopefully I provided enough information. If more is needed please let me know!