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  1. I try to add Flowmeter device Promass 300 in my RS logix configuration module and Ive got this messsage "Code 16#0009 Module Configuration Rejected: Parameter Error. Additional Fault Code 16#0000" What is causing this following error ?
  2. Hey Guys its solved !! i did just like Mr Ken Roach said
  3. Ken Roach How to delete it in RS linx enterprise ? I've try to delete so many times but it comes again Give me the step to delete it pls Mr Ken Roach
  4. thanks to pcmccartney1 i have click "copy from design to runtime" but it still come with the same result
  5. I try to make the runtime application for my Panel view plus 7 when i test the application it works and integrated with the PLC I/O but when i create the runtime application, it comes with messages  messages :  *** Start RSLinx Enterprise Conversion Messages *** ERROR: Unsupported driver detected.  Driver name = "ControlLogix 55xx Emulator".  Description: Only the Ethernet, Serial DF1 and Serial DH485 drivers are supported by Compact Machine Edition applications.  *** End RSLinx Enterprise Conversion Messages *** Validation completed with errors. The runtime application has NOT been created.   *I also attach the pict of Communication setup and the pict of project window size