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  1. FATEK FBs

    I have a 176ton Sutherland Press. Im trying to pull the program off the PLC. When I do it reads the PLC to 5% and then it throws an error messge:"Can't open the customer id file (fatek(a).cif)"Anyone have the slightest idea of what I am up against? I imagine its some type of permission but....?
  2. SLC 100

    So, instead of trying to pull the old program I just went ahead and rewrote it on rs500. I can debug once i do the changeout. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. SLC 100

    THanks for the reply’s fellas. I will definitely give it a shot. I’ll take a look at it tmrw and reply with any questions in the morning. I appreciate the directional heading.
  4. SLC 100

    Hello all, I am a maintenance electrician at a hammer forge in the southeast. We have an old Ceco 2000# drop hammer that has a slc 100 controller in it. its already lost output 12 and the cooling vents have had milscale infiltrating them for some time. Ive been an electrician for 12 years but have only recently started programming PLC's. I am familiar with RsLogix500 and have written several programs. I have inherited an extremely old electrical system when I took this job and am trying to do some updating. I plan on replacing the slc100 with a Micrologix 1000 or 1200. Is there a way I can pull the program from the slc100? I do have a handheld programmer and I can go line by line if I have to. Just trying to figure out a quicker and more cost effective manner. Im not interested in buying a 20 year old computer or lugging a desktop out to the work center. Any help would be appreciated.   Justin